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A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Turn Sadness Into Creative Fuel

Art As Therapy | Paradigm NY

When sadness becomes the overpowering emotion in our lives, it can feel pointless to try to do anything. Sadness can be harnessed and honed to make beautiful and unique things, art has been fueled by sadness for many, many centuries. Without sadness, depression, anxiety, insecurity, we wouldn’t have some of the most important paintings, songs,

What Narcissists Won’t Do

Mental Health Treatment | Paradigm Austin

Spotting a narcissist can be tricky. They can come disguised as perfectly well-meaning ally until something sets them off and brings out their worst qualities. So what qualities make up a narcissist you ask, well, the better question is what will a narcissist NOT do? They will not reveal their real selves None of their

Quick Ways to Improve Memory

Memory Improvement | Paradigm NY

We all want a sharper, keener memory that can recall anything at anytime. This simply is impossible and too good to be true. There are some scientifically proven methods you can try to give your memory a little sprucing. Rehearse a memory for 40 seconds Make associations Smell some rosemary Eat more vegetables Drink hot