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A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Associations and Affiliations

At Paradigm Austin, we are devoted to maintaining the highest professional standards in the field of teen treatment. To best assist us in achieving this objective, our adolescent treatment team members and our program at large maintain a number of important associations and affiliations. They are as follows:



The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) has been an important institution since it's founding in 1999. This organization serves as a membership based, resource for professionals and programs assisting adolescents struggling with  emotional health issues. To be eligible for membership each organization must be reviewed by a membership committee and successfully demonstrate that treatment standards are consistent with what NATSAP requires.  NATSAP is self governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership. 


AACAP | Paradigm MalibuAmerican Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) is one of the nation's leaders in the promotion of the psychological treatment and health of the healthy of children and teens. This respected organization conducts research, provides training, and concerns itself with issues ranging from adolescent depression treatment to  teen anxiety treatment and teen self injury treatment.

This agency strives to meet the needs of child and adolescent psychiatrists at all stages of their careers.  Paradigm Austin's board certified Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, r, is experienced in a range of teen mental health disorders from adolescent depression and anxiety to adolescent eating disorders and teen personality disorders.


Association for Applied Sport Psychology AASP- Association for Applied Sport Psychology is multidisciplinary, international organization that provides certification to professionals who are qualified and supports the development of therapeutic,  scientific and ethical approach sport psychology in adolescent treatment and beyond.  Paradigm Austin strives to adhere to the principals set forth by AASP in all of our teen treatment tracks- especially those for young athletes.


NAATP, more formally known as the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers is a national organization designed to  of addiction treatment providers with a mission to provide leadership, advocacy, training and other member support services to assure the continued availability and highest quality of addiction treatment. As a member of NAATP, Paradigm Malibu is dedicated to providing quality treatment for teen substance abuse and addiction from teen marijuana and alcohol abuse treatment to teen prescription drug and heroin addiction treatment.


APAAPA- The American Psychiatric Association is one of the largest psychiatric organizations in the world, and serves as a medical specialty society for and of psychiatric physicians, from throughout the globe, who work in an effort to ensure humane treatment and effective care for teens and adults with depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders as well as adult and teen addiction treatment.  As a member in good-standing, Paradigm Austin's certified psychiatrist provides treatment and assessments for a number of adolescent mental health and teen substance-related disorders such as; teen post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), teen self injury and and teen panic disorders— to teen prescription drug abuse and teen co-occurring disorders (e.g., teen anxiety and marijuana abuse related to attempts at self-medication).


American Psychological AssociationAmerican Psychological Association (APA) is the largest scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States with a mission to advance the creation, communication and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people’s lives.  As a member in good-standing, Dr. Jeffrey Nalin develops the skills and understanding of teens and their families as they address issues of divorce, adoption, and parent-child conflicts, particularly those related to a teens mental health needs, such as teen depression or anxiety, and disruptive coping behaviors such as club drug abuse and problem internet use.


AAAPAAAP- American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry is  research and oriented organization dedicated to influencing, educating and encouraging excellence in the provision of adult and teen treatment,  prevention and policy for the field of Addiction Psychiatry.  Paradigm Austin's psychiatrist, is a member of AAAP and is dedicated to providing best practices for adolescent drug abuse treatment, particularly as it relates to  teen co-occurring disorders treatment,  and teen treatment resistance teen chronic relapse treatment.


Mental Health AmericaMHA- Mental Health America , is an advocacy organization that strives to advocate and enable access to quality mental health services for those receiving adult and/or teen treatment services. The co-founders of Paradigm Austinare long time champions of MHA’s efforts to address the full spectrum of teen mental health and adolescent substance treatment services, including evidence based efforts related to adolescent depression treatment, adolescent self-injurytreatment  and teen suicide prevention.


ASAPASAP- American Society of Adolescent Psychiatry is a community of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals who are dedicated exclusively to the mental health of teens through professional education, development.  , Paradigm Austin’s psychiatrist is an informed adolescent treatment specialist who can treat a variety of issues including but not limited to  adolescent mood disorders treatment and teen attention deficit disorder treatment aka Teen ADD, especially if these issus are co-occurring with adolescent substance abuse.


AAMFTAAMFT- The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists  is an association for professionals designed to support research and education in adult and adolescent treatment, and ensuring that practitioners are propertly trained to provide such services.   The association represents marriage and family therapists interests in both the United States and Canada. The association strives to  provid therapists with the tools and resources that will help them succeed as marriage and family therapists.  As active members of AAMFT, Paradigm Austin's therapists and  counselors utilize many resources to provide compassionate and competent teen treatment. It also provides education in dealing with a number of mental  health issues such as teen depression, teen anxiety, teen suicide, teen eating disorders, and the many challenges that negatively impact adolescents.


Mental Health Rights CoalitionMHRC- Mental Health Rights Coalition  is a not-for-profit  group designed to encourages and empower service recipients. Those receiving adolescent treatment are encouraged to utilize their voices and be active participants as consumers of teen treatment.  As a supporter of the MHRC mission, Paradigm Austin is strongly committed to the rights of teens treatment for mental health needs such as teen post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and adolescent grief and loss.


National Eating Disorder Association NEDA- The National Eating Disorder Association is a  non-profit organization designed to provide, support, referrals, prevention, training, and  about teen eating disorder treatment.  Paradigm Austin strongly supports NEDA’ mission and for adolescent eating disorder treatment of, teen anorexia nervosa, teen bulimia nervosa and teen binge eating disorders.


Art Therapy AllianceThe Art Therapy Alliance provides social media and on-line support services designed to promote the use of art therapyin the provision of adult and teen treatment. Further the alliance supports the general work of art therapists, and strives to  build community.  At Paradigm Austin, our Art Therapist draws upon adolescent's interest in social media to address a wide variety of therapeutic issues ranging from adolescent self injury and adolescent eating disorders to the unique skills required to provide teens divorce treatment and adopted teen treatment.


NADCPNADCP- The National Association of Drug Court Professionals is a not-for-profit organization designed to provide a common-sense approach to adult and teen drug treatment  while enhancing the justice system. This is achieved  by using a combination of adult or teen treatment coupled with  judicial monitoring to assist drug-using offenders in changing their lives.  As members of NADCP, the co-founders of Paradigm Austin are strongly committed to a comprehensive teen treatment approach for adolescent drug use related to self medicating as well as adolescent cocaine addiction, adolescent ecstasy addiction, adolescent heroin addiction, adolescent marijuana abuse, and adolescent meth abuse


AMTA- The merican Music Therapy Association is designed to support the advancement of rofessional standards, education, credentials, and research as it relates to  music therapy. The Paradigm Austin music therapist is a member in good standing of  AMTA  and specializes in the utilization of music therapy in the treatment of issues ranging from teen self-injury to teen attention deficit disorder aka teen ADD and teen grief and loss, etc.


International Art Therapy Organization

IATO- The International Art Therapy Organization  works to bring  art therapists together, and to get students involved in the field of art therapy.  As an active part of the IATO community, Paradigm Austin and our Art Therapists work hard to  champion the dramating  transformative effects that  art therapy can have on specific issues ranging from teen depression to teen teen gaming addiction, teen mood disorder treatment and personality disorder treatment.


The World Federation of Music Therapy
WFMT- The World Federation of Music Therapy is an organization dedicated to promoting the use of music therapy in adult and adolescent treatment.  By supporting supporting educational programs, clinical best practice standards, and research, WFMT strives to increase the quality of care in adult and teen treatment world wide. Paradigm Austin's music therapist has a wealth of experience in treating presenting issues, such as teen marijuana abuse, teen depression, and addressing teen academic issues.


NADTNADT- The National Association of Drama Therapy  is a nonprofit organization designed to promote the advancement of drama therapy throughieducation and advocacy. The Association provides services to  professionals and students in both the United States and Canada.  Our Drama Therapist is a NADT member, who assists the adolescents at Paradigm Austin in expressing what may not come easily if at all, through the use of traditional talk therapy. This modality proves to be effective in the treatment of teen co-occurring disorders, such as  teen depression and adolescent opioid abuse or adolescent Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, aka adolescent PTSD and even teen alcohol abuse.


Equine Assisted Growth and Learning AssociationEAGALA - The Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association is widely recognized as the  leading international nonprofit association for equine therapy professionals. In an effort to address teen mental health and adolescent development needs through Equine Assisted Psychotherapy as well as Equine Assisted Learning. Paradigm Austin works with  trained and EAGALA certified psychotherapists offering  meaningful equine assisted therapy designed to address adolescent treatment issues from parent-teen conflict to teen problem gambling to specific adolescent health care, such as adolescent depression and adolescent personality disorder treatment.


Yoga AllianceYA- Yoga Alliance is a not-for-profit association that includes yoga teachers, students, and schools throughout  the United States who wish to promote the use of yoga as a therapeutic treatment modality for the treatment of a wide range of issues.  Paradigm Austin's  yoga instructor is certified in yoga therapy and assists those struggling with teen self-injury and teen suicide as related to adolescent depression treatment , adolescent bipolar disorder treatment , and other teen mental health disorders.


International Bipolar Foundation IBPF- The International Bipolar Foundation  is designed to eliminating adult and teen bipolar disorder through research; the enhancement of treatment options and adult and teen support services, They are also committed to eradicating  stigma through  education.  Paradigm Austin strongly supports the mission of IBPF. As such we commit ourselves to being  adept in teen bipolar disorder treatment, a teen mood disorder often masked by co-occurring teen substance abuse, such as teen methamphetamine or adolescent marijuana abuse.


ADAAADDA- the Anxiety and Depression Association of Americais dedicated to providing education about , supporting research treatment of a range of adult and adolescent anxiety disorders including teen anxiety disorders, teen general anxiety disorder, teen social anxiety disorder, teen panic disorder  treatment, ateen  post traumatic stress disorder treatment, aka teen PTSD treatment,  teen obsessive-compulsive disorder treatment , and teen phobia treatment.  Paradigm Austin is a member of ADAA,  and as such we strive to provide  evidence-based practices to the adolescents that we serve.


International Society for Sport Psychology ISSP- The International Society for Sport Psychology (ISSP) is a not-for-profit  organization of professionals who strive to promote research, and advance the development of the practice of sport psychology world wide.   Professional  psychologist certified in sports psychology who are part of the treatment team at Paradigm Austin work to utilize their skill sets in the  treatment of adolescent grief and loss,adolescent eating disorders, and adolescent performance enhancement drugs such as steroid abuse that ultimately impede the performance of aspiring teen athletes.


National Alliance on Mental Illness NAMMI- The National Alliance on Mental Illness is one of the nation’s largest mental health organizations. They are dedicated to assisting adults and teens living with mental illness to enhance the quality of their lives. Paradigm Austin is  a strong supporter of NAMI and supports their efforts with teen mood disorder treatment, and thought disorder treatment, adolescent anxietytreatment , and teen personality disorder treatment.


United States Association for Body Psychotherapy
The United States Association for Body Psychotherapy is a professional association designed  to incorporating somatic psychology into the mainstream of adult and adolescent treatment and to increase the healing potential via body/mind integration.  The use of movement therapy places somatic psychology into the treatment of adolescent addictions treatments, adolescent gaming addiction, adolescent gambling addiction, adolescent cell phone addiction and more through the use of physical movement .


International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA) is a community of professionals dedicated to evolving the field of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy.  Through professional affiliation, Paradigm Malibu movement therapists are able to draw upon somatic therapy principles in the treatment of teen substance abuse, eating disorders, and mental health issues with a particular focus on the treatment of teen trauma and teen PTSD.


American Association of Community Psychiatrists AACP- The American Association of Community Psychiatrists is an organization designed to  advocate for community based psychiatrists for quality adult and adolescent treatment. tAs a member iof AACP, Paradigm Austin's  psychiatrist, works in partnership  with teens and their families to provide evidence based care for a wide range of teen mental health and teen addiction disorders such as adolescent depression treatment and adolescent prescription drug addiction treatment.


American Society of Addiction MedicineASAM- The American Society of Addiction Medicine is a highly respected professional society that represents physicians and associated professionals who are dedicated to improving the quality of adult and teen addiction treatment; educating teen treatment professionals and the public; supporting research and prevention for teens; and promoting the role of physicians in the treatment of adolescents with addictions.  Paradigm Austin's  psychiatrist is a member of ASAM  and is committed to  continuing the effort to enhance the quality of teen co-occurring disorders treatment, adolescent mental health and teendaddiction treatment,as well as adolescent chronic relapse treatment and adolescent treatment resistance.


National Association of School Psychologists NASP- The National Association of School Psychologists  is a national association of school psychologists devoted to advancing  for effective practises to improve teen’ learning, adolescent behavior, and teen mental health.  NASP provides Paradigm Austin's Director of Education and  Clinical Director with the most current evidence based information on adolescent academic issues, adolescent  trauma and bullying, teen drug abuse, and adolescent co-occurring disorders in school settings.


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