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A-Z Teen Health Glossary


Family comes first. For many people, household health and relationships are closely connected to an individual’s own well-being. At Paradigm Austin, we understand and respect the precious and delicate nature of household dynamics and relationships, and we know first-hand that when a teen is struggling with mental health or substance abuse struggles, the household is usually struggling too. It affects everyone.

It’s with this understanding in mind that we’ve designed our family health aspects of treatment, in order to address the experiences and needs of parents and family members, in addition to the teens themselves. Some of the adolescent and family health therapy programs we incorporate at Paradigm Austin include: family group therapy, parent coaching and effectiveness training, multi-family healing, sibling support services, and parent support services.

Paradigm Austin's Adolescent and Family Health Therapy Programs

Our adolescent and family health therapy programs include (but is not limited to):

  • Individual family treatment
  • Multi-family treatment
  • Parent coaching
  • Parent effectiveness training
  • Sibling support services
  • Ongoing parent support services

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