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Best Friends Talk About Negative Body Image Issues

We are our own worst critics, especially when we are talking about our bodies and physical appearances; we develop body image issues early in our adolescents and often carry them with us long into adulthood.

What others see in you can be a total 180 from your own feelings and ideas of how you look, and it can be eye opening to ask what others see that you can’t see in yourself.

These two best friends each wrote down what they don’t like about their own bodies, but are then asked to read the comments aloud, as if they were saying these things about each other.

The results are shocking, hurtful and full of heartbreaking honesty. These women shared some of their deepest and most internalized body image struggles and were surprised at how badly they hurt themselves by speaking so badly of their appearances.

It’s time we start treating ourselves how we would treat our best friends, with positivity and support. Change the inner dialogue you have with yourself, don’t hate the body you live in.

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