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Doctors With Mental Illness: Why They Are Afraid to Seek Help

doctors with mental illness

In general people who suffer from mental illness are afraid to get treatment because of the bad stigma mental health has in our society. There are many doctors suffering from mental illness who don’t seek help because of the fear that having a mental illness will ruin their credibility.

Studies have found that many doctors have had suicidal thoughts, according to Clint Jasper’s article on abc.net.au. The article further informs that 1 in 5 medical students, and 1 in 10 early career doctors, have suicidal thoughts.

In order to handle the emotional stress that goes along with being a doctor, many people learn to disconnect themselves from their work. This causes a disconnect between coworkers, which creates an unsupported environment. If you are in an environment that does not feel emotionally safe, it makes it extremely difficult to admit to having a personal problem that you have to take care of.

Click here to read the full article by Clint Jasper at abc.net.au.