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13 New Year’s Resolutions That Encourage Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness Is Influenced By Your New Year’s Resolutions

Without emotional wellness, you can’t stay focused on meeting your goals. You will be easily distracted, and mood swings will interfere with those small successes you could be seeing along the way.

Research says that 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions are broken by February.

There are many reasons why resolutions are broken:

  • Some goals were unrealistic and wouldn’t have been reached no matter how hard someone works at it.
  • Some people experience life changes that make it hard to continue a resolution.
  • Other people give up because they don’t see immediate results, or their expectations are not met right away.

What you may not realize is that your resolution focuses on the wrong thing. In fact, resolutions should not focus on “things” at all.

It should focus on emotional wellness, which is the one thing that can help you reach all your goals this year.

So, instead of having multiple superficial resolutions, make your emotional wellness your only goal this year. Once you have emotional wellness, you can accomplish much more than you can imagine.

Below are 13 actions you can take to focus on your one resolution of encouraging emotional wellness.


1. Get to Know Yourself

To get to know yourself, practice mindfulness.

Spend quiet time alone with yourself. Focus on each part of your body.

Do you feel pain or wellness? Do you feel healthy or unhealthy in that area?

Any place you feel pain, whether physical or emotional, needs attention. Seek help from a professional in the area of your pain.


2. Let Go of The Things You Can’t Control

Worrying is an action many people choose to do. It is also one that can produce negative consequences emotionally and physically.

Worrying is only beneficial when you can create a solution and fix a problem and then move on.

Other times, when the situation is out of your control, worrying can be damaging.

Letting go of these is essential for emotional wellness.


3. Heal Mentally

Everyone has emotional scars from things that happened to us without our consent.

Maybe you were treated unfairly at work, abused by a parent, or bullied as a child. These are examples of events that can cause emotional pain.

Holding on to that pain is not healthy. Working with a mental health professional to heal emotional scars from the past will give you freedom to embrace your future.

Practice forgiveness, one of the best ways to free yourself from the effects of negative emotions.


4. Heal Physically

Physical pain affects your emotional state.

When you are in pain, you are unable to feel joy and happiness.

Therefore, you need to heal any physical ailments you have in order to improve emotional wellness.

Healing physical pain allows you to shift your focus from the pain. It gives you the ability to see the good.


5. Improve Relationships

To encourage emotional wellness, foster healthy relationships with those you love.

Improving your support system and learning how to give, as well as receive love are keys to positive emotional health.

Family counseling is an avenue for you and your loved ones to receive education and appropriate tools to strengthen your bond.


6. Build Confidence

When you have confidence, you have strength to make the right decisions for yourself, without guilt.

You start to recognize the importance of making yourself a priority and are no longer guilted into doing things you know will bring you down emotionally.

Confidence helps you keep long-term and short-term goals as a priority, including improving emotional wellness.


7. Learn Stress Management

Stress kills, literally.

Maybe not right away but over time it leads to mental and physical problems that can lead to death.

Heart disease, diabetes, and stroke are a few examples.

Work with stress management professionals to learn small changes you can make in your life to reduce stress.


8. Accept Help

Many solutions to improving emotional well-being involve seeking help and support.

You cannot and do not have to survive this world alone. We were not put on this earth to do everything on our own.

There is nothing wrong with accepting help. In fact, it shows you have awareness and strength.


9. Learn from Failures

Failures are going to happen.

No one gets to live an entire life without facing obstacles and without stumbling on some of these obstacles. What you do with failure can lead to your healthy or unhealthy emotional well-being.

If you hold on to a failure and use it in a negative way, like punishing yourself, then your emotional wellness will suffer.

However, if you learn a lesson that helps you make better decisions in the future, then your failure can contribute to positive emotional health.


10. Find A Passion

Finding your passion means finding something that makes you feel alive.

Passions include hobbies, events, and avenues for personal fulfillment.


11. Give Back

One of your passions may be to give back to your community in some way.

Giving back feels so good. It’s rewarding. When you feel good about yourself, your emotional health improves.

The act of helping has been proven to lead to feelings of gratitude and appreciation.

It helps you realize there is something greater than yourself and that you are part of a much bigger picture. It can give you purpose.


12. Sleep Well

Sleep is one thing; good sleep is another.

With good sleep your brain provides restoration to your body. Meaning, it heals you emotionally and physically.

Sleep improves your immune system, regulates hormones, combats mental illness, and slows the aging process.

Work on your sleep hygiene so you can reap the rewards of emotional wellness.


13. Have Fun

Why do all the above things if you don’t choose to start enjoying your life. Have some fun.

As far as we know, we don’t get to repeat this life so why not enjoy it?

Plus, research has shown that having fun and laughing lead to improved emotional well-being.

So, start today. Don’t overthink it. Don’t make excuses to put it off.

Make your emotional wellness a priority and start living your best life.