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Teen Schizophrenia Treatment – Living With the Illness

Teen Schizophrenia Treatment | Paradigm NY

What’s it like for a family to deal with a schizophrenia diagnosis all together? Everyone reacts differently, but what matters is whether or not they will stand by their loved one and support them through the darker moments of their illness. Teens especially need support, and families may need to seek out outside help for teen schizophrenia treatment.

For Mike Hendrick and his family, his diagnosis was a shock, but not something they couldn’t fight through together.

Mike found out he had the illness when he was away at college, his paranoia and delusions would get worse and worse.

Mike found himself being hospitalized , and his family was devastated, they felt hopeless.

But since that day of his diagnosis, they have all overcome their problems with it to be there for their son, and provide unconditional love and support to him when he needs it.

Teen schizophrenia treatment is pivotal to help prevent the illness from becoming all consuming, the sooner the treatment begins, the better chance a teen has of living a semi-normal adult life.

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