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A-Z Teen Health Glossary


Paradigm Austin has is one of the leading residential treatment centers for adolescent substance abuse and addiction treatment. Our teen addiction treatment programs are designed holistically and draw from a number of therapeutic approaches and resources, including but not limited to the 12-step program. We also incorporate both individual and group therapy sessions every day, while teens are in treatment. While the primary focus of teen addiction treatment plans are to support and ensure teens’ full and sustained recovery and sobriety, we address these needs as part of a greater well-being program, of supporting and ensuring healing and recovery in all aspects of the teens’ lives.

To this end, our treatment plans are designed to go beyond just the teens’ substance abuse behaviors, in order to address the underlying emotional stressors and triggers, which serve as negative forces in the teens’ lives. While admittedly, this thorough approach to substance addiction treatment demands substantial time and resources, we believe that it is fundamental to our outstanding treatment results of supporting teens to live their very best lives.

Upon admittance to Paradigm Austin, all teens undergo a thorough psychiatric evaluation and diagnostic interview, which takes into consideration all different aspects of the teens’ lives, including mental, physical, emotional, and relational health factors. These evaluations will be used by our therapists, psychiatrists, and other team members in designing the teens’ treatment plans.

Paradigm Austin's Teen Addiction Treatment Program

Because every teen’s treatment is designed individually, every treatment process looks different.  Depending on the specific substance a teen is struggling with, we provide careful oversight and care, throughout any detoxification and withdrawal processes.  Sometimes, the withdrawal process can be very challenging and uncomfortable for teens, which is why we work closely with them throughout this time, providing physical, mental, and emotional support.

For all teens at Paradigm Austin, we provide individual therapy sessions, every day while in treatment.  As our therapists work with teens to address the nature of their substance addiction and abuse, they also help teens to identify ways in which this abuse has affected numerous areas in their lives. At the same time, we work with teens to help them delve deeper into what sorts of emotional stressors, environmental factors, and/or relational challenges may have triggered and/or aggravated their substance use.

Over time, therapists will then help teens to identify positive changes they can make, in their thinking patterns, behaviors, relationships, and communication efforts, in order to heal and improve their lives, overall.  And lastly, while supporting teens to do this important therapeutic work, we provide a wide array of therapeutic supplement programs, which are designed to support and encourage teens’ increasing well-being in their lives.  These programs include things such as: yoga therapy, recreational therapy, acupuncture, massage, drama therapy, equine therapy, and more.

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Teen Addiction Parent Support

The other primary aspect of our teen addiction treatment programs is the parent support services which we incorporate, into all teen treatment plans. Because we believe that a healthy and supportive family environment is paramount to teens’ ability to make and sustain positive life changes, we incorporate numerous family sessions, resources, and services. Whether this be our parent effectiveness training, our family sessions, or our multi-family groups, these services are designed to help address the needs, questions, fears, and experiences of parents and family members, while their teens are in treatment.

To this end, our family sessions are designed to help foster a supportive, open, honest environment, where each family member can feel heard, respected, and supported. This provides the opportunity for powerful change and healing, not only for teens, but for all family members as well.

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