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A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Teen Athletes Treatment Program

At Paradigm Austin, we understand that teens’ lives and responsibilities continue to exist, even while they’re in treatment with us. During this time, we want to support teens in every possible way, so that when they return to their lives at home, they continue to succeed and even progress, in multiple areas of their lives, including athletic performance. For teen athletes, we understand that workouts and practice are an important part of your performance, and for some teens, a critical component of potential scholarship possibilities and future endeavors. To meet these specific needs of teen athletes, while they’re in treatment at Paradigm Austin, we’ve designed the teen athletes treatment program.

What Is a Teen Athletes Treatment Program?

The teen athletes treatment program is an exceptional athletic program, designed to not only maintain but continue to grow and enhance teen athlete performance. For teens that would like to have particular workouts or training programs, we have professional trainers and gym facilities available. For teens that need practice time and/or facilities, we can work to arrange that as well. And beyond this, we have a wide range of resources available, to provide special support to teen athletes. These features include:

  • Strength training
  • FLOW for performance enhancement
  • Mentoring by olympic and professional athletes
  • Sport-specific nutrition programs
  • Fitness training
  • Individual work with a sports psychologist
  • Collaboration with coaches, trainers, and recruiters

The Paradigm Austin Difference

The Paradigm Austin teen athletes staff is made up of an incredibly talented and knowledgeable group of trainers, coaches, professional athletes, and health professionals that work with our therapists, to carefully address the specific needs and goals of teen athletes. At Paradigm Austin, one of our fundamental beliefs is to encourage and invest energy in teens’ strengths and interests, rather than their weaknesses and challenges. In this sense, we understand the importance, enjoyment, and powerfully positive force that sports can play in teens’ lives and at the same time, we also know the disruption which mental illness and/or substance abuse can have on athletic performance. To this end, we want to work to make athletic programs be a positive force in teens’ recovery, and we also want to support teens’ success, within their sport.

The teen athletes treatment program at Paradigm Austin is exemplary of the overall holistic approach which Paradigm Austin takes toward all therapeutic and support programs. Along these lines, we want to consider and support the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of teens’ lives. When teens come to us at Paradigm Austin, we not only want to support them to gain relief from symptoms and equip them to successfully deal with their challenges, but to recover, heal, succeed, and enjoy all aspects of their lives. In this sense, our teen athletes program is one example of our commitment to this comprehensive support and treatment.

Paradigm Austin serves teens from Austin as well as the rest of the country and teens usually reside with us for between 4-6 weeks, while in treatment.