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A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Teen Histrionic Personality Disorder Treatment

Overview of Teen Histrionic Personality Disorder

Teen histrionic personality disorder is a mental illness in which teens are obsessed with gaining the attention of others and are constantly behaving in ways to garner this attention.  This extreme need for attention often stems from low self-confidence, as the teens need the attention in order to feel a sense of self-worth.


While it’s somewhat normal for teenagers to crave attention, teens with histrionic personality take this behavior to extreme lengths, to the point where it causes negative effects in multiple areas of their lives.   Teens’ behaviors can become inappropriate, reckless, and/or manipulative, which can often negatively affect those around them as well.

Some of the specific ways which this need for attention may be exemplified includes: regular moodiness and agitation; tendency to interact with others in a fake manner; overly controlling and emotional about their appearance; insistency on being noticed and appreciated; risky, impulsive behaviors, constant efforts to gain the praise and acceptance of others.  Over time, this can lead to strained relationships, difficulty in school, and/or inability to successfully handle responsibilities.

Teen Histrionic Personality Disorder Treatment

Teen histrionic personality disorder treatment usually involves a combination of therapeutic approaches, including individual and group therapy sessions.  In this context, therapists work with teens to recognize and identify the tendencies of their condition, as well as the emotional and mental underpinnings of it.  By helping teens to explore both their attention-seeking behaviors and their need for attention, therapists can support teens to begin recognizing opportunities for change and growth in their lives.  For some teens, this may involve further exploring emotional challenges and/or reasons for low feelings of self-worth that exist.  At the same time, therapists may help teens to implement more positive, healthy behaviors and practices to build their own self-esteem, and to resist their compulsion to need others’ attention and praise.  Lastly, therapists also work with teens, individually and in groups, to help them address positive ways to operate in relationships with others.

Paradigm Austin

Paradigm Austin’s teen histrionic personality disorder treatment program provides substance abuse and mental health treatment to teens from Austin and abroad.  Paradigm Austin serves teenagers from ages 13-18 and teens usually stay with us in treatment for between 4-6 weeks.  Paradigm Austin is ranked one of the best treatment centers in the country for teen histrionic personality disorder treatment and other types of personality disorders.