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A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Teen Integrative Yoga Therapy

At Paradigm Austin, we offer a number of supplemental resources and programs, designed to support teens in all aspects of their treatment process and promote overall well-being. In an aim to provide treatment programs that are truly holistic, and thoroughly address teens’ mental, physical, and spiritual needs, we’re constantly looking for opportunities that will help teens to grow and heal, on all of these levels. Therefore, we offer teen integrative yoga therapy, which we find to be a wonderful, poignant supplement to the work teens do in their individual and group therapy sessions.

What Is Yoga Therapy?

More than just a physical workout, teen integrative yoga therapy not only promotes healing and balance on the mental, and physical levels, but yoga also uniquely helps teens to learn and experience these connections, throughout the practice.

For example, by combining a physical movement with an intentional breathing technique and also concentrating on a philosophical message or mantra, in one pose, teens are building connections in their brains, thought patterns, and belief systems, all at once. While each individual integrative yoga therapy class may look different, classes might include things such as:

  • Mantra
  • Meditation
  • Breathing exercises (pranayama)
  • Physical postures (asana)

Many of our teens at Paradigm Austin tend to enjoy the yoga therapy sessions, and continue to develop a yoga practice of their own, after leaving Paradigm. Some of the benefits which teens experience from yoga include: reduced anxiety, increased ability to focus, a calmer mind, insight into connections within themselves, improved sleep, strength and flexibility, and improved circulation. Because yoga affects the nervous system as well as the body, many teens develop a yoga practice and enjoy it because it’s a tangible practice which can alter their mood and/or symptoms and in so doing, help them feel a sense of control and ownership over their experience and state-of-being.

Teen Integrative Yoga Therapy At Paradigm Austin

There are several different aspects of our teen integrative yoga therapy that teens enjoy and often continue to practice. Some teens learn or improve their meditation practice, through our sessions, which can help them to fend off oncoming stress or anxiety symptoms, and to remain steady, amidst triggers. This meditation practice is also very useful, considering that a number of techniques they may implement in therapy sessions may include meditative-like aspects.

Teens that are struggling with things such as addiction or other conditions that involve strong false belief systems that teens have to overcome may benefit from the practice of mantra. A mantra is a word, sound, or phrase, repeated as a sort of meditation or prayer. Often a mantra might be a positive or reaffirming belief, and through repetition, it can help teens to gradually change the deeply held beliefs and habits in place, and focus their minds on a more positive, whole belief. In a sense, mantras can be used to literally help teens change the focus of their minds, and in doing so, change aspects of their lives, as well.

Paradigm Austin is a residential teen treatment center. At Paradigm Austin, we offer teen integrative yoga therapy, as part of our supplemental support offerings. Adolescents come to Paradigm Austin from all over the U.S., including locally here in Austin and abroad. Teens usually stay with us for between 4-6 weeks, during treatment.