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A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Teen Mental Health Treatment

Overview of Teen Mental Health

At Paradigm Austin, we pride ourselves in designing and providing teen mental health treatment that is as individual as the teens we serve.  Each treatment plan is designed individually, based on a thorough diagnostic interview, which allows us to holistically address all aspects and needs in the teens’ lives.  With that said, there are some Paradigm treatment pillars that are consistent across all treatment plans.

One thing that sets Paradigm Austin apart is our thorough diagnostic process, which are especially sensitive to identifying potential co-occurring disorders.  Because we work with teens to address not just mental symptoms but also their physical, behavioral, and relational health, we’re able to work more precisely from the very beginning, and be efficient with teens’ time and efforts.

Once teen mental health treatment begins, one of the foundations we pride ourselves in is all teens receive individual one-on-one therapy sessions, every day while in treatment.  We believe this is integral to teens’ consistent engagement in treatment, and furthermore, their ability to make and sustain meaningful lasting changes in their lives.  In addition to these individual sessions, teens will also benefit from numerous other therapeutic sessions every day, including a wide variety of options, including things like:

    • Art therapy
    • Yoga therapy
    • Recreational therapy
    • Drama therapy
    • Equine therapy
    • And more


One of the reasons we offer such a range of therapeutic mental health treatment options is to make it possible for us to create treatment that is as precise and meaningful as possible, for every teen that comes to Paradigm Austin.

Parent & Family Support for Teen Mental Health Treatment

Another staple of Paradigm Austin teen treatment is our inclusion and facilitation of therapeutic family work and support programs, within the teen treatment plans.  In a word, we believe that teens’ likelihood of being able to make and sustain positive life changes is intimately connected to their home environment and their familial relationships.  Therefore, we incorporate a  number of different therapeutic resources, to this end, including things such as:

    • Individual family sessions
    • Group family sessions
    • Parent and sibling support services
    • Parent effectiveness training
    • And more


Each teen mental health treatment plan is catered to the individual and their needs.