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A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Teen Music Therapy

Teen music therapy is a type of therapy shown to be effective in treatment of a number of different mental health and substance abuse disorders, including teens’ emotional, social, physical, and cognitive needs. Music therapy is one of our many expressive arts therapy programs and all of our sessions are conducted by a professional credentialed music therapist.

Music therapy for teens is modality that uses the power of music to help teens open to and explore different aspects of their current experience. Very often what we find is because music is such an important part of teens’ lives already, they welcome the concept of engaging with music in this more intentional, effective therapy. While music therapy sessions will differ according to the particular teens and their needs, they may often involve a combination of sessions listening to, dancing to, creating, or singing music. However, it’s important to understand that this involvement of music alone is not what constitutes our teen music therapy.

Rather, this therapy is the process in which therapists first assess teens’ overall experience, symptoms, and well-being, including things ranging from physical ailments to relationships to communication challenges. Then the therapists design a way to use music as a tool to help teens to access, address, and work through those challenges. Throughout a therapy session, therapists might have teens participate in a number of different activities, including: song writing, lyric discussion, receptive listening, music performance, music improvisation, and music and imagery.

What Does This Therapy Consist Of?

It’s also important to note that, as with other forms of expressive art therapy, it’s never the musical product that is focused upon, but rather the process and experience. Along these lines, there’s no requirement for teens to be familiar with musical instruments or performance of any kind. In fact, our teen music therapy program is really not based on the music at all, but instead, the experience which the music creates, for the teens. This therapy continues to grow as a prevalent treatment option in many different treatment centers and has been shown to have significant positive effects with numerous different therapeutic steps and aspects of progress.

Teen Music Therapy at Paradigm Austin

At Paradigm Austin, we offer teen music therapy sessions as part of our overall treatment plans, and in conjunction with our more traditional, talk-based therapy sessions. Not only do our teens tend to really enjoy their time in the music therapy sessions, but they often are able to find access and space to explore, engage in, and probe more deeply into insights or struggles they’re addressing in other aspects of treatment. This is one of the wonderfully organic aspects of the arts therapies is that they often help teens to relax and settle into the experience in a natural way, which results in substantial positive change.

Paradigm Austin is a residential teen treatment center. Paradigm Austin provides treatment to teens ages 13-17, for all mental health and substance abuse disorders. All treatment plans at Paradigm Austin are designed individually, and are based on a holistic approach of incorporating aspects that address all aspects of teens’ well-being.