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A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Teen Neurofeedback Treatment

At Paradigm Austin, we’re dedicated to providing teens with the most comprehensive selection therapeutic offerings available, including treatments and tools that address all different aspects of teens’ overall health and well-being. To this end, we offer teen neurofeedback treatment, which is a therapeutic technique that helps teens struggling with mental illness and substance abuse, by serving to help teens to evaluate and regulate their reactionary responses, on the neurological level.

What Is the Process of Neurofeedback?

Teen neurofeedback treatment includes two processes: HEG (hemoencephalography) and EEG (electroencephalography.)

  • HEG measures blood brain flow by use of MRI tests.
  • EEG is a process in which sensors are placed on the teens’ scalps, and these sensors provide brain wave measurements, which are then visible on a screen, for teens to see.

During the sessions, therapists assist teens in evaluating the brain wave information they’re seeing, in order for teens to gain valuable information about the way they process things, in real time. For instance, teens might be able to see where their brains tend to be overactive or under-active in certain areas, and in so doing, may gain insight into specific symptoms, challenges, and/or reactions they’re currently struggling with. Over time, this process can help teens to not just observe and reflect upon their brain activity, but to intentionally adjust and regulate, according to their needs and goals.

Teen Neurofeedback Treatment at Paradigm Austin

The specific uses for teen neurofeedback treatment can be applied to numerous different mental health and substance abuse disorders. Because things like behavioral patterns, belief systems, addiction, and effects of trauma are intimately related to brain waves and neurological pathways, teens learning to focus on physically affecting those particular areas and activity can have profound effects, in numerous different ways.

Some teens are especially drawn to the “tangibility” of it, in that there is something visible which they can concentrate on, while processing the invisible symptoms that they’re experiencing. Neurofeedback is often especially appreciated among families looking for non-medicative treatment options.

At Paradigm Austin, we have a licensed neurofeedback treatment professional, who specializes in working with teens, in this context. Paradigm Austin provides this treatment as part of the overall holistic treatment plans for numerous mental health and substance abuse disorders. At Paradigm Austin, we serve teens from Austin and many other states. Paradigm Austin is located in a comfortable, house-like setting.