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A-Z Teen Health Glossary


At Paradigm Austin, we understand that healthy peer relationships are a key component to teens’ lives and often, closely related to their overall well-being. Teens developing positive peer relationships is an important aspect of mental health development on several levels, including the teens’ abilities to participate and engage in group activities, whether they be in school, on sports teams, or with friends.

To this end, at Paradigm Austin we’ve designed a teen social health therapy component of our mental health treatment programs, which is designed to ensure that teens have support both to improve current relationships and to establish new ones, moving forward. Below are the descriptions of current teen social health therapy programs we offer, as part of our overall treatment plans.

Paradigm Austin's Teen Social Health Therapy Program & Curriculum Training

As a didactic training tool, Paradigm Austin utilizes a social health curriculum designed specifically for youth. Educational and experiential sessions are conducted regularly as part of the treatment program and cover such topics as:

  • Learning how to receive to criticism
  • Self-relaxation techniques
  • Social problem solving skills
  • Drug refusal skills
  • How to disclose feelings
  • How to handle embarrassing situations
  • Avoiding fights and solving arguments
  • Communication training
  • How to draw clear boundaries
  • Learning new reactions to anger
  • Making requests and refusals
  • How to make clear goal statements

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