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Things Your Anxiety Causes You to Do

Anxiety | Paradigm Austin

Anxiety can manifest in debilitating ways, not being able to get out of bed, not having any interest in that party you were excited to get an invite to on Facebook weeks ago.

Suddenly finding the motivation to do much more than sleep and maybe take a shower seem impossibly difficult.

Anxiety isn’t the easiest thing to explain to others, most will say they understand but then will turn around and get annoyed when you cancel plans on them (again).

There are a myriad of things most non-anxiety riddled people will just not grasp, such as:

  • Not going to events or parties last minute because we don’t want to see or talk to anyone
  • Thinking about little things so much that they turn into obsessions
  • Unable to sleep well at night because of racing thoughts or worries
  • Lack of appetite due to stress and overthinking
  • Blaming yourself when someone neglects you or ignores you
  • Internalizing every bad thing that has happened lately on yourself
  • Thinking what you do will never be good enough


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